more shots not seen here with before & afters can be seen in their separate sections under "MATTE PAINTINGS"



Opening shot:  Matte Painting projection setup within Maya. Everything with snow is a matte painting as well as some of the surfacing of the buildings to add breakup and weathering, texture etc. Modelling of the ground surface and bg. Rendered in Renderman.

Frost giants jumping off cliff: Matte Painted the area facing the viewer where the sun is, as well as a separate projection of the ground surface within Nuke. 

Fighting area sequence: These was a full surface replacement multi projection setup split between Maya and Nuke depending on the amount of geo to serve multiple shots not all seen here.

Final shot of the temple: Projection within Maya over surfacing to add detail and weathering, snow etc.

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife 3D

Opening shot with the sniperview: Matte Painted projections of surrounding buildings (other than the hero buildings like centred "109". Modelled and projected within Maya and rendered in Mental Ray

Hangar opening: Projected Matte Paintings of the top of the hangar of cars, dead people and concrete etc within Maya.

Vehicle exiting: Matte Painting projection of everything other than the jet. Buildings modelled and projected within Maya.

Vehicle flying out of exit: Matte Painting projections of the street below (cars, people and other objects). As well as a projection of buildings that needed a facelift. I created a sky dome with a UV'd sky also.

Vehicle window shot: 10k wide matte painting of a mountain used in Nuke by the comp dept. I originally modelled the mountain with basic geo and created cards for the trees for this shot as I thought it required it but it was never used. As such it has no parallax flying into it :(

Sucker Punch

Created the environment surrounding the temple as well as created some touchups for the temple itself (breakup of snow and texture). Projected and modelled in Maya.

Upside Down (more shots of this show can be seen in it's separate section under "Matte Paintings")

This sequence of shots uses an environment setup to serve a lot of shots, featuring multiple projections and models all done within Softimage XSI. The sniper shots, the blimp as well as the forest and trees in the final shot are not mine. Only there to serve the continuity of the sequence.



J. Edgar

Opening shot:  Everything but the crowd, horses and dirt on the track is Matte Painted and designed by me to look like the exact Delmar racetrack from that time period and place in California. The final shot is here after the DMP reveal with the final grade.

Hoover's office shots: The view from Hoover's office in the FBI building on Pennsylvania Ave. doesn't really have a view of the white house. Clint Eastwood wanted to see the White House from the office and we cheated it. Everything but the crowd was projected in Maya and Nuke. Trees in the FG was 3D. The National Archives was surfaced but an additional dmp facelift was used for some areas missing details.

Parade shot: All CG. Matte painted the ground and surrounding building with flags as well as trees. The models was provided by the 3D dept and they rendered it.  

The Big Year

Opening shot environment: Everything that has snow on it was a projected Matte Painting. The mountains, the ground and the base in the BG was Matte Painted and projected on simple geo within Maya. The FG bushes was separated and placed on cards. FX added blowing snow.
Mountain Range 2 & woman attacked by birds: Everything behind the live action was matte painting. Modelled and projected within Maya. Bushes from the plate were separated and projected on cards and added to hide the seam..
Owl watcher: Everything behind the live action was a Matte Painting. Projected within Nuke by comp. 

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

All the trees on this show needed to be pruned of greenery and each branch separated onto cards within Nuke for parallax. The footage was shot during fall. Snow needed to be added where set dressing was missing it or fully replaced.